Post on : May 5, 2024

Downtown St. John’s is excited to announce its Façade Improvement Program is once again available to all Business Improvement Area (BIA) members.

If you are a business or commercial property owner in the Downtown St. John’s Business Improvement Area (BIA) and have been wanting to spruce up your ‘street appeal’ then this is the program for you. This program is not available to residential properties or commercial properties outside the BIA.

The program can provide a reimbursement of up to $3000.00 per approved site, contingent upon matching dollars from the applicant, towards the costs of eligible renovations. This amount could increase to $4000.00 if a particular property / business is located on a corner with two street facing (or designated lane way) facades directly adjacent to a side walk.

Eligible renovations include: design consultants fees, restoration of exterior finishes and repainting, signs that are uniquely designed to integrate into building architecture, repair and replacement of store front windows and doors, exterior lighting, removal of materials that cover architectural details, and the addition of new architectural details.

The purpose of this program is to continue the revitalization of the Downtown commercial core by improving the physical appearance of the buildings and therefore making Downtown St. John’s a more inviting and interesting place to work, shop, and visit.

To reap the benefits of this initiative you must fill out an application and meet the qualifications set out in the program guidelines. Applications and a complete list of guidelines are currently available below.

Applications will be accepted until funding for the 2024 program has been allocated.  Applications can be emailed to Please do not mail applications. Photos of the current facade can be emailed to accompany the application.

Applications must be complete with a copy of your Tax Clearance Letter. Tax Clearance Letters can be obtained by calling Revenue Accounting at the City of St. John’s at 576 8357.  

The Façade Improvement Program is an excellent opportunity to help polish the jewel of the City that is Downtown St. John’s while enhancing your property and/or business at the same time.  Your involvement is crucial for the program’s success!

For more information and to get a copy of the Facade Improvement Program application you may contact Scott Cluney, Executive Director Downtown St. John’s by calling 579-4139 or by email at

You can also download the application below:

2024 Downtown St. John’s Facade Improvement Application:

Facade Program 2024 APPLICATION V1

2024 Downtown St. John’s Facade Improvement Brochure:

DTSJ -Facade Brochure