Post on : June 17, 2020

The City of St. John’s has announced that the proposed pedestrian mall for the downtown will proceed this summer.

Beginning July 3 and continuing until September 7, Water Street from Bishop’s Cove to Job’s Cove will be open to pedestrian traffic only from noon to 10 p.m. daily.

Allowance will be made to permit deliveries as well as access to businesses, as needed, until noon.  Outside this time, delivery drivers will have designated parking in the coves between Water Street, and Harbour Drive. Accessible parking spaces will also be marked on Water Street off Clift’s Baird’s Cove, Ayre’s Cove and Bishop’s Cove.

The closure will allow businesses to expand onto the street and for pedestrians to walk freely and enjoy the downtown this summer. Picnic tables will be added to the streetscape and the City of St. John’s will install barricades and provide security to protect the pedestrian flow.

Regarding parking for visitors, while Water Street will be closed for regular parking during this period in the four blocks included in the mall, there are places to park on Duckworth Street, Water Street and Harbour Drive and the adjacent coves, close to the pedestrian mall area. In addition, there are parking garages located in close proximity.

Businesses within this proposed pedestrian mall area, who have inquiries can reach city staff by emailing