Post on : September 21, 2023

RNC Tip Line Launched for Graffiti Property Damage Complaints – 709 729 8800

Since March of 2023, the RNC has made several arrests related to property damage using spray paint in the downtown area of St. John’s. In each case, the accused was carrying a variety of spray paint cans and other equipment related to spray painting of property. As we all know this activity is most prevalent at night.  The damaged property from graffiti results in cleaning expenses to a property owner in the thousands of dollars.

With a newly established tip line, the RNC Criminal Investigation Division (CID) continues to investigate all property damage connected to spray paint or graffiti in the region.  If you observe property damage in progress or have any information that would lead to the identification of individuals responsible for graffiti in the area please contact 709-729-8800. 

There are several active files connected to complaints of property damage from ‘tagging’ in the area. The RNC CID is specifically looking to identify those responsible for the following tag names; CROECROKEACE of the REPUBLIC and ASEC.

The investigative team can be reached at 709-729-8800, and welcome any information related to paint damage, or graffiti, on the Northeast Avalon. To report an incident in progress, please contact the RNC at 709-729-8000. You can also provide information anonymously on the NL Crime Stoppers website at or use the P3Tips app #SayItHere.

Graffiti Hurts. Remember the 3R’s. Record. Report. Remove.

Record: If you are the victim of graffiti take a digital picture of it. Make sure it clearly shows the piece of graffiti especially highlighting any TAG names.

Report: Call the RNC Criminal Investigation Division (CID) to report the property damage. The RNC will create a file for their investigation and use the picture you took of the graffiti. If an individual is arrested linked to the TAG on your file it will further assist the CID.

Remove: Remove the graffiti as fast as possible. Removing the graffiti quickly discourages further acts as the graffiti vandal realizes his/her graffiti will not be there for very long. The longer a piece of graffiti stays on a property the more graffiti it will encourage.