Post on : February 16, 2024

East meets West with this flavour-bomb burger!

– Korean Spiced Beef Patty w/ Havarti Cheese, topped with:
– Spicy Candied Bacon
– Hoisin Aioli
– Shredded Lettuce
– Pickled Carrot and Cucumber
– Cilantro
– Seasoned Panko Fried Onion
– Grilled Brioche bun

Served with a side of Adelaide’s seasoned fries w/ Kimchi Aioli & Furikake

A savory, well seasoned patty combines a ‘hint-of-zing’ with pickled veg, the freshness of lettuce and cilantro and a mild-to-moderate spice hit from the patty seasoning and spicy bacon. It has it all. Sweet, Savory, Umami and more.