Post on : December 13, 2022

City of St. John’s Propose Changes to Downtown St. John’s Pedestrian Mall for 2023

The City of St. John’s staff have reviewed the past three years of the downtown pedestrian mall and are preparing to make recommendations to City Council on a proposed plan for the next three years.

One of the recommendations is to NOT include the section of Water Street from Clift’s Baird’s Cove to Prescott Street within the pedestrian mall road closure event. This does not impact the ability to have a parklet/ patio in front of your business location within this block.

The main rationale for this recommendation is safety. The Courthouse and a private parking lot within this section require 24/7 access by motor vehicles. Conflict between pedestrians and cars is one the City of St. John’s wishes to avoid.  In addition, the City of St. John’s have heard from the inclusion community that options for closer Go Bus services and accessible parking are needed. Some of the parking spaces within this block could be allocated accordingly.

Provide Feedback to Ward Councilor Ravencroft

If you would like to provide comments/ feedback via email please do so directly to Councilor Ravencroft: